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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Aug. 16, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Aug. 16 2017 Compiled 1:11 am EDT 16 Aug. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse...

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

China Reclaims Position as Largest Holder of U.S. Treasuries

China reclaims position as world's largest holder of U.S. treasuries

2017-08-16 13:53:50

WASHINGTON, Aug. 15 (Xinhua) -- China reclaimed its position as the world's largest holder of U.S. Treasury securities in June after nine months, the latest data from the U.S. Treasury Department showed on Tuesday.

China's holdings of U.S. treasuries increased by 44.3 billion U.S. dollars in June, the fifth consecutive monthly rise, with the total holdings up to 1.1465 trillion dollars.

Japan, which overtook China as the largest holder of U.S. treasuries last October, cut its holdings by 20.5 billion dollars to 1.0908 trillion dollars in June.

By the end of June, the overall foreign holdings of U.S. Treasury securities rose to 6.1713 trillion dollars from 6.1236 trillion dollars in the previous month.

The rise of China's holdings of U.S. treasuries comes as pressure from China's capital outflows eased and the Chinese currency renminbi strengthened.

China's foreign exchange reserves rose for a sixth consecutive month in July, reaching 3.081 trillion dollars, according to the People's Bank of China.

Source: Xinhua

Venezuela to Zimbabwe, Same Script

Same script from Venezuela to Zim

August 16, 2017

President Mugabe with his Venezuelan counterpart Nicolas Maduro, who is currently facing a backlash from Washington


The script reads the same.

It is acted out by characters fitting into certain roles: the good and the bad guys.

And the gods.

The reader may have been following what is happening in the South American country called Venezuela, a resource-rich piece of earth that has for years been subject of envy from Western countries.

Venezuela has a long history of colonialism.

The first colonial power was Spain.

We are told that Spanish expeditions led by Columbus and Alonso de Ojeda reached the coast of present-day Venezuela in 1498 and 1499.

Spain established its first permanent South American settlement in the present-day city of Cumaná in 1522, and in 1577 Caracas became the capital of the Province of Venezuela.

Venezuela’s struggle for independence began in 1810 while Spain was engaged in the Peninsular War.

The Venezuelan War of Independence yielded the independence of the Republic Gran Colombia in 1821 under the leadership of Simón Bolívar, and Venezuela separated from that Republic in 1830.

Then Americans came in. The USA anchored its policy on two philosophies, namely the Monroe Doctrine of December 2 , 1823 , and the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine of December 6, 1904 which one Cort Greene describes as “the bedrocks of expansionism and intervention which has caused so much misery, death and impoverishment for millions across Latin America”.

Explains Greene: “The Monroe Doctrine was created to project the United States’ sphere of influence into the Americas and fill the void left by Spain. It was also due to the upstart nation’s fear of Latin American colonisation by other more powerful European imperialists. In short, they saw Latin America as their own ‘backyard’ and field for exploitation.”

Further Greene explains to us: “Roosevelt ’s Corollary, in an address to Congress, became an amendment to the Monroe Doctrine which launched the era of the US as an international police force through the use of its infamous ‘big stick’. This opened the bloody history of US involvement on a grand scale, which haunts the peoples of the region and the world to this day.

“Though it has gone through many ideological contortions including ‘dollar diplomacy’, the ‘good neighbour’ policy , the ‘Reagan Doctrine’ and most recently , the ‘Bush Doctrine’ content has remained the same .”

In the intervening period, we have the 1970s’ issues in which America bared its imperialism and started countless wars and set off meddling and all kind of interventions.

The 1990s saw the rise of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and he began his socialist project and independence movement that was inspired by the philosophy of Simon Bolivar.

Chavez himself became a phenomenon.

His followers called themselves Chavistas.

We are Chavez.

He was a pain in the backside of America, rising from a military to a democratic leader who had the backing of an overwhelming majority of his people.

He survived the machinations of the US from a military coup to subversion through NGOs and sponsored opposition.

Chavez lost his own war to cancer.

He died in 2013.

Nicolas Maduro, a military strongman, was his anointed successor.

Maduro rode straight into the maelstrom that is Venezuela.

Maduro is no Chavez.

Maduro is facing a lot of trouble as there have been protests and strong opposition to his rule.

Protests are getting stronger by the day and Maduro is hanging in just there: last July he won crucial elections for the National Assembly.

Yet, somehow, his opponents who are driven by America believe he can be toppled.

The economy is the Achilles heel. The US has been imposing sanctions and restrictions on Venezuela and its economy.

Venezuela is dependent on oil, which it nationalised, along with key sectors. America has been trying to bring the economy of Venezuela down, along with Maduro and the socialist experiment.

A few days ago the Washington Post was rubbing its hand in this imperialist glee. “In Venezuela, the economy may do what the opposition failed to do,” the paper announced.

The story is very instructive.

Zimbabweans will completely relate

Which is the point of this piece, anyway, as we draw key lessons and parallels. The US does not want elections that do not accord with its wishes.

Hence, the Washington Post views the last election in Venezuela as “an internationally condemned election last month (that) created an all- powerful Congress loyal to Maduro”.

Predictably there have been economic consequences for that unwanted result. We are told that the bolívar (Venezuela’s currency), has fluctuated more wildly than ever, a significant feat for a country saddled with the world’ s highest inflation rate.

According to Wapo, street prices for staples such as bread and tomatoes have doubled in less than two weeks.

“The spiralling economic crisis is sending a fresh jolt of panic through crisis-hardened Venezuelans, who are increasingly blaming Maduro,” helpfully notes the paper, roping in a voice that tells us that: “It was after the vote that things went out of control.”

It’s like the people of Venezuela are paying g dearly for their political choices.

Actually, they are!

Sounds familiar?

Here is the Washington Post again, quoting an expert:

“His (Maduro’s) regime, like [ Robert ] Mugabe in Zimbabwe and [ Bashar al- ] Assad in Syria , has already managed to survive an imploding economy, and I don’t know that a worse economic performance will do him in. ”

The pundit saw an opposition uprising, or at least being even more galvanised, on the back of these hardships.

He hoped that internet would be used to mobilise people. Meanwhile, the US has said it has the “military option” regarding Venezuela, meaning that if the political forces and sanctions come short, President Donald J. Trump would make use of his army to get rid of Maduro and his “regime”.

It all sounds scary.

And familiar.

The script that America is using in Venezuela is so identical to the one America and its Western allies have been using on Zimbabwe.

By the way, America waded into the Zimbabwe issue apparently to fill in the void left by a waning Britain that Zimbabwe effectively defeated when we embarked on the land reform programme in 2000.

And it feared that Zimbabwe could fall under the influence of new players such as China and Russia.

Just like 19th century South America.

The script reads the same.

Source: The Herald

General Dunford Visits China to Discuss 'Difficult Issues'

First, we had Dunford (restored Republic) in South Korea for the North Korea (Cabal) issue. Now he's visiting China (Chinese Elders?). Very interesting. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Top US military officer notes 'difficult issues' with China

August 15, 2017

Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford reviews a Chinese honor guard during a welcome ceremony at the Bayi Building in Beijing, Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2017. (AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein, Pool)

BEIJING (AP) — The top U.S. military officer told his Chinese counterpart Tuesday that the U.S. and China have "many difficult issues" to work through, during a visit that comes amid tensions over North Korea's missile program, Taiwan and China's claims in the South China Sea.

Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, made the remarks at the opening of a meeting with Fang Fenghui, chief of the People's Liberation Army's joint staff department.

U.S. officials say Dunford's visit aims to create a mechanism for improving communication between the sides, especially on sensitive issues such as North Korea. Dunford and Fang signed an agreement committing the sides to that goal, with the details to be discussed during talks in Washington in November.

Fang said Dunford's visit was a key part of efforts to expand dialogue between the U.S. and China as agreed by President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, when they met earlier this year.

To that end, China has arranged a series of important meetings and visits to help Dunford "know more about our military, (boost) our cooperation and build up our friendship," Fang said.

Dunford responded that the U.S. considered the meetings important to making progress on areas of disagreement, without citing any specific examples.

"I think here, we have to be honest — we have many, many difficult issues where we don't necessarily share the same perspective," Dunford said.

"I know we share one thing: We share a commitment to work through these difficult issues," he added, saying that with the guidance of political leaders "we are going to make some progress over the next few days."

This is the highest-level meeting between the two countries' militaries since Trump and Xi met in Florida in April.

The U.S. delegation will be flying to the northeastern city of Shenyang on Wednesday to observe an exercise staged by the People's Liberation Army's Northern Theater Command. Fang cited the event as being among the measures aimed at building mutual trust and understanding.

While the sides agreed several years ago to establish a hotline between the Pentagon and China's defense ministry, that mechanism has never gone into operation. U.S. officials say they've attempted to use it, but that the Chinese side has never answered their requests.

The Chinese and U.S. militaries have joined in naval exercises off the coast of Hawaii and other limited multinational drills mainly aimed at dealing with humanitarian disasters. They've also tried to improve mutual trust through agreements on dealing with unexpected encounters at sea.

Despite those, China deeply resents the presence of the U.S. Navy in the South China Sea, which Beijing claims virtually in its entirety.

Last week, China expressed its "strong dissatisfaction" with the U.S. over the Navy's latest freedom of navigation operation in which a warship sailed past one of China's man-made islands.

Dunford is visiting South Korea, Japan and China after a week in which Trump said he was ready to unleash "fire and fury" if North Korea continued to threaten the U.S.

In a phone call with Trump on Saturday, Chinese President Xi said all sides should avoid rhetoric or action that would worsen tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Source: Yahoo

What is a Solar Eclipse vs. Lunar Eclipse?

Solar eclipse V Lunar Eclipse? What is a solar eclipse – what is the difference?

THE US will be plunged into darkness on Monday when a total solar eclipse blocks out the light from the sun. But what is the difference between a solar and lunar eclipse?


PUBLISHED: 15:59, Tue, Aug 15, 2017 | UPDATED: 16:10, Tue, Aug 15, 2017

Love Island's Jonny remains tight-lipped on night out with Chyna

Stargazers will be out in their thousands next week to catch a glimpse of what has been dubbed the Great American Solar Eclipse.

The astronomical phenomenon will be visible coast-to-coast in the United States - the first of its kind in almost a century.

The eclipse takes place on Monday 21 August and will last just two minutes and 40 seconds in the path of totality.

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Wells Fargo Picks First Woman to Lead as Scandal Worsens

Wells Fargo Picks First Woman to Lead Board as Scandal Worsens


Wells Fargo's chairman is stepping down early as the banking company tries to recover from growing scandals and will be replaced by the first female leader in its 165-year history, the company said Tuesday.

Wells Fargo and Co. said in a statement that Stephen Sanger, who became board chairman just last October, will step aside on Jan. 1, 2018, and will be succeeded by Elizabeth Duke, the board's vice chairwoman and a former governor of the Federal Reserve.

Elizabeth Duke in November 2010. Joshua Roberts / Bloomberg via Getty Images file

It's the latest and one of the biggest reshufflings of executives since Wells Fargo paid $185 million in penalties last year in a scandal over millions of fake accounts it opened in customers' names to meet aggressive sales goals. More than 5,000 employees were fired in connection with the scandal.

Last month, the banking company said it would also pay $80 million in damages to more than a half-million customers who it acknowledged had been were charged for auto insurance they weren't required to buy.

Two other board members, Cynthia Milligan and Susan Swenson, will also retire at the end of the year, Wells Fargo said.

Wells Fargo told NBC News it had no comment beyond the statement announcing the changes.

Sanger, 71, had been scheduled to retire in mid-2018 because of his age. But his early departure was signaled on Aug. 4 in Wells Fargo's quarterly filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which said a new review was likely to find a "significant increase" in sham accounts, leading to "actions in third quarter 2017."

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, meanwhile, is investigating whether customers were affected by Wells Fargo's freezing and, in many cases, closing, of consumer deposit accounts, the filing said. And it agreed last month to a federal settlement costing $108 million in a lawsuit over Veterans Administration mortgage refinance loans.

Stephen Sanger in on November 2006. Andrew Harrer / Bloomberg via Getty Images file

Duke, 65, who's known as "Betsy," was "the unanimous choice to lead the board as it continues its focus on strengthening oversight and rebuilding the trust of shareholders, customers and other stakeholders," the statement quoted Sanger as saying.

Duke was quoted as saying: "I look forward to a smooth transition over the coming months as we work with the board and [Chief Executive Timothy Sloan] to make Wells Fargo a better company today and in the future."

Duke, a member of the Federal Reserve board 2008 through 2013, became vice chairwoman of Wells Fargo's board during the October shakeup that led to Chief Executive John Stumpf's resignation. A former president of the Virginia Bankers Association, she was chairwoman of the American Bankers Association in 2004 and 2005.

Source: NBC News

"Open Letter to the Elders" by Jeff W. - 8.16.17

Entry Submitted by Jeff W. at 12:35 AM EDT on August 16, 2017

Dear Elders,

I know no other way to communicate to you, so I decided to try this way. I would like you to know I understand the responsibility that you ask of me. I understand that this will be more work than I have ever had to take on. I accept and do whole hearted and with as little visibility to myself and to remain as transparent to you as possible. I am not a person that is deceitful or purposefully in any way in a position of self-serving. I believe this is known or I would not have been in this place at this time.

I am, however a flawed human learning probably more than most light workers. I am not experiences with the concept of changing frequencies. It frightened me a little as most things unknown. But I believe I will have some wondrous help. I know I have found several here in Walker and Gina. I know I may be expressive with my posts at times. (And I’m sure you are aware of this already if you have read my posts here. I promise some were out of this lack of experience a) I do respect and thank you for believing I could find a place of purpose I so desperately needed in my life. I have at times not been proud of myself on this journey. But never has it been out of any desire to harm.

I alo would like to express my need to be transparent to you as far as intentions are concerned. Due to the control that we have been subject to. I feel it necessary to take care of me in ways that are needed to allow me to be unconditional in my efforts to be a total service to others.

I have allocated just a smallish amount to buy a nice home here where my family is and have plans to purchase a retreat over seas to gave a private silent sanctuary for myself. I must do this to separate myself from my current situation. I also have set aside enough to have enough hard assets in precious metals just to make sure I will not ne in a position later that I can not survive. I also have a few not elaborate but wants like a car and that kind of thing. I have it all listed in the presentation to the wealth manager at the exchange.

I need to do these things first and wanted to express that to you in clear transparency.

I’m not sure how I will adapt to the changes in frequencies. I need so much guidance in this. But I do know truth and I do know how to communicate when I need help from others. I am not afraid of that. In some ways I too am a child with a very old soul. I want to know my other selves and the memory of it if I have that.

With my greatest thanks and admiration and in honesty and silence.

Jeff W.

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Aug. 16, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Aug. 16 2017

Compiled 1:11 am EDT 16 Aug. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

A. Aug. 16 2017 12:01 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report Yosef: "Raw" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Wednesday - August 16, 2017

1. 76 currencies were revaluing in total worldwide, all in the same first basket.

2. The TRNs were not yet released for safety reasons.

3. ZIM redemptions were occurring outside of the United States (Zurich, London, Hong Kong) into other non US currencies and must be domiciled in the country where they were redeemed.

4. No NDA, no humanitarian projects required.

5. Broker middle men were stepping in and bundling large quantities of ZIM for paymasters, who have clients that were offering less than pennies on the dollar for "early redemptions."

6. Hold onto your ZIM currency. It's cash now. 1:1. Be very smart Zimlandia.

7. The American economy was still on a global hold, as were the Republic Treasury's TRNs.

8. The FED physically stops printing money the end of September.

9. While in Asia this week Dunford received national sovereignty assurances and final release instructions direct from the Elders.

10. North Korea does not have an active nuclear program. China controls them absolutely and has for decades.

11. Trump was now trying to incite a race riot to stop the RV, per advice from Israeli Netanyahu (per Jared Kushner) whose was trying to stop the RV through the American population invited by Trump.

12. Both leaders could be brought down at a moments notice because both leaders have physically signed resignation letters.

13. Despite their surrenders, each leader was still looking for ways to halt human progress through their respective bulky pulpits.

14. The US military has done a dozen full scale RV test runs this summer. All at night. The majority on weekends.

15. IMF gained AIIB authorization to intake ZIM at 1:1 this week.

16. Zimbabwe President Mugabe, 93, chose his wife Grace (52) to succeed him, and immediately she was accused of assault the day after VP Emerson Mnangawa (74) was nearly poisoned to death. It's raw public insanity here at the end.

17. The RV was blossoming before our eyes.

B. Aug. 15 2017 The Big Call Bruce: playback: 712-770-4016 pin 123456#

1. It was looking really good for the RV today Aug. 15.

2. Today Aug. 15 it appears that the Forex was trading the Iraqi Dinar so it could come up to it's intended rate.

3. We have seen some of the high Dinar rates on the Iraqi Qi cards.

4. It is possible that the new Dinar rate will publish in the Iraqi Gazette tomorrow Aug. 16.

5. It is possible that the Iraqi ATMs are ready to put out the lower denominations.

6. The Farm Claims, SKRs and other groups were paid out yesterday Aug. 14 and today Aug. 15.

7. There was a 24 hour hold on some accounts that was signed off today Aug. 15.

8. We as Tier 4 are next and are looking for the toll free numbers to come out at any moment.

9. When you call the toll free number you may get a robo call that will ask you a couple of questions.

10. If you mention that you have Zim currency then you will be switched to a live operator and perhaps to a location in your area.

11. Today the redemption centers were working on last min. protocol.

12. The Zim is at least on par with the US dollar and may be twice that on the screen rate.

13. The Zim is so high that it will be on a leveraged payout from 5-50 years. You will be paid interest on the money that remains at the bank - every 90 days.

14. Your appointment will take from 37 min to 1 hr 20 min. depending on what you want to do.56#

C. Aug. 15 2017 8:10 am EDT Operation Disclosure GCR Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for August 15, 2017 READ FULL SITREP

1. The Cabal had no option but total surrender.

2. Dragon Elders who failed to live up to their responsibilities have been removed.

3. Both the Cabal and Elders were being removed.

4. To push the RV, the restored US Republic was threatening China with military action in North Korea.

5. The GCR/RV must happen before the USA Inc. runs out of money on Sept. 30.

D. Aug. 15 2017 8:00 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "Recycling" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Tuesday - August 15, 2017

1. The Cabal had no other option but to total surrender, though the Elders had no other option but total (RV) release.

2. We heard that they're once again withholding said release per a source in Beijing. The cause: Infighting for power and authority post RV between the more than two dozen colors of the Dragon Family (Asian Sovereigns).

3. Zimbabwe was just such an internal conflict.The Red Dragons did not trust heir to the throne VP Emerson Mnangawa to dominate African continent affairs post RV, and because of that, Mugabe handled him--all be it late in the process.

4. The back wall and time for the (RV) release was firm and known to both sides: Aug. 21.

5. All were making every effort to refine their post event positions. It would be a Free For All post RV across all corners of humanity, including the once-Elites. After final release was authorized there would be a race for projects, territories and governments.

6. While the Cabal has been split into many pieces, individuals could still stake claims if they have adhered to their amnesty terms.

7. Ironically, some Dragon Elders have failed to live up to their responsibilities as keepers of the world's wealth and have been discretely removed in their sleep.

8. The Elders, via the People's Republic of China, was also being pushed by the Republic to release the RV by threatening military action in North Korea.

9. All Asian nations were dependent on China to control North Korea's radicalism - which they have done - but the Republic was forcing Trump to agitate all of Asia in order to ensure that America's finance reforms happened in short order.

10. That's the real reason General Dunford was in Beijing Mon. Aug.14: the RV release.

11. McMaster was controlling affairs inside the White House. Kelly was setting up for the RV on a domestic level. Dunford was the direct contact with Grandfather (and Grandmother / Quan Yin) to confirm international release protocols.

12. America must get going before the country ran out of fiat money Sept. 30 and the big ugly, bogus UST/FED ballon poped into a quadrillion little pieces.

13. The debt those institutions inflicted on the world's population was unthinkably large. The US government was dead broke, just like every other Western World government.

14. They're all in the same panic right now, worrying about honoring their global sovereign responsibilities moving forward. They need the new financial system to survive and save face.

15. All go or none go, though in theory they all could be allowed to collapse, which would hurt China and Russia btw.

16. So basically everything is at stake with this RV. No pressure, Joe.

17. Both Cabal and Elder Leaders alike were being removed in real time - like from the earth removed. Disappearing in the middle of the night.

18. Believe, don't believe. Either way, you'd be right and I would be a lone nut. However, if I'm right about the GESARA, GCR/RV, ZIM, Sovereign Rates, Trump, Ryan, Gold Standard, then maybe I could be right about this tidbit as well.

E. Aug. 15 2017 The RV is Real by One Who Loves All (ZAP): "How to Know Whether the RV is Real?" by One Who Loves All - 8.15.17

1. I (ZAP) know that the RV is happening.

2. My line was in the SKRs, FRN, FRB and Historic Bonds they redeemed to create equity between the countries, eliminating endless debts.

3. As the holder of two FRN Boxes I went through hell to redeem them. I made it through but the payment was taken away before it came into my hands. It was the Cabal system. They let you work and when you reach your goal they take advantage. I know (I went through that) to learn how to protect myself and learn how to set things up so they cannot touch me anymore.

4. I know at first hand:

a) Last Saturday a friend of mine was called into a Military Center in North America to redeem. This friend went into the Military Center but suddenly there was pause for exchange, so she was sent back home to wait for the next call. That means the centers are really there with military to protect us just as it was written in the INTEL.

b) A Friend of a friend of mine is in a Middle East country right now. His screen window for payment was open for transfer and has been closed at the same moment before last weekend. He still is waiting for reopening so the funds can flow from the elder’s escrow account to his account to further move to the final destination. No fantasy. It's a reality.

c) I'm working with a team to take SKRS in. We work directly with a key person in China who decides who get through and who disqualifies. Many disqualify for not being the most honest people. Two of my clients have been disqualified. This is the truth - no more exchange for them. It's over for trouble guys. No fantasy. It's a reality.

d) From the same source, I know who and what kind of bond is in payment position now as there is a pre-established order of what runs first and what kind of bond goes last. In this moment, they pay Super Petichelli and some kind of xxx Boxes. They are still taking new orders in. No fantasy. It's a reality.

e) The same source said, the T1 & T2 &T3 have exchanged Zim too. These are people dealing in business. But, they don't know that we exist.

f) A friend of one of my colleges has been paid off in Hong Kong (Chinese bonds). He got his fortune and could not be quiet after RV. His lucky life of spending began yet it was short as they cut him all off forever. He was just a bond holder not a trained person like we are as a light worker with special mission. However, when he signed NDA yet did not followed the instructions of NDA so he is done. No more further chance.

5. We are the T4 last group to redeem Zim before it goes public. We are connected directly to the Elders. We have a true mission while the others have not. Therefore, we can keep the 80% for humanitarian purpose.

6. For business people the 80% or more are taken from them and placed into special accounts to rebuild the war zones. Many do not accept to give 80% away and leave without RV at all. It is the end for them forever.

7. Just go home after your exchange and do not tell anybody, even your family as they would not be able to be quiet. (If you break your NDA it will be the end - all will be gone for sure).

8. Important: If you want to partner with others on projects, make sure you do not give up control of your money. It is not necessary to place the money into a common account where you have no power of ownership.

9. A wonderful soul brother of mine came to the military center in Europe to exchange three different times. They were sent home all three times exactly the moment we were told the 800# should release. (This means our Intel is reliable, yet situations change). Last week, they came back the 4th time and exchanged. And, they had only Zim. And, from that moment they disappeared and are not reachable anymore. What does this tell you? We know the Cabal go first so they will allow the rest.

10. I think these real people and real physical events should take the doubt away of all those who are not knowing what to think, to believe or to do. I know it is happening all over the planet.

F. Aug. 15 2017 1:00 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "Rocks" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Tuesday - August 15, 2017

1. The Elders have purchased control to nearly all said valuable rocks / land worldwide, and thus have understood the military importance of gaining control over all critical mineral / mining rights world wide.

2. The Vietnam, Korean, South Asian wars were all about the control of rocks - Cabal versus the Elders.

3. The Elders are protective of North Korea and have allowed the nutty Kim Jung dynasty to continue in power for decades. North Korea is incredible valuable as it relates to possessing unmined minerals. Now in exchange to mine and purchase these rocks, China prohibits anyone else for getting a foothold on the Asian continent mainland.

4. That's why the US supports South Korea as strongly as they do... for having a military presence so close to Beijing keeps the global power balance in check.

5. Venezuela is no different as it relates to the United States' future natural resources and ultimately it's own military security. It's a very wealthy part of the world as it relates to owning valuable rocks (as well as huge amounts of crude and LNG reserves).

6. Interesting how at the very tail end of the RV both North Korea (Asia) and Venezuela (South America) suddenly are up front militarily and in the news. While both are sovereign nations, it appears that the two largest superpowers (US, China) are "claiming" all loose remaining and formerly Cabal natural resource nations for their their own future mining privilege.

7. Hence, why military invasions are now on the table for both countries as forced upon them by the United Nations Security Council earlier in the month.

8. The RV is finally rolling out and all wild horses must be in their opening starting gate positions in order to begin--including the craziest of mustangs. And the PROC and Republic lay all the negative geopolitical blame on Trump.

G. GCR Summary as of Aug. 15 2017: Restored Republic via a GCR: Summary of Events for Aug. 15, 2017

1. In 2015 Obama bankrupted the UNITED STATES INC, which bankrupted it's franchises including our individual Trust accounts (TDAs set up under our Birth Certificates and Social Security numbers), which in turn bankrupted the Territorial State of State organizations that were presumed to be our beneficiaries.

2. The US has run a trade deficit with the rest of the world since 1976 resulting in a cumulative trade deficit of over $10 trillion, was over $19.1 trillion in debt and had $128 trillion or 7 times the US’s $18 trillion GDP in unfunded liabilities. That was the real reason why the US corporate government de-facto went bankrupt on May 3rd of 2017.

3. In a historic Thurs. July 27 day for humanity, the RV roll out began in full bloom with announcement of the new global gold standard in Zimbabwe (not Iraq, not US).

4. On Fri. Aug. 4 Republic President Paul Ryan was moved into the White House while repairs and renovations were being completed.

5. Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller, "allegedly" impaneled the grand jury in Washington D.C., Fri. Aug. 4. He would "allegedly" subpoena President Trump which should in turn, cause Trump to fire Mueller, setting off his resignation.

6. On Sat. Aug. 5 USA, Inc's. Vice President Mike Pence's emails were submitted to an Indiana investigator about his involvement in "shady dealings" just like Nixon's V.P. Spiro Agnew, who quietly resigned before Nixon was forced to resign so this should push Pence's resignation in to the lime light.

7. The global USN T4 authorization hold was lifted Aug. 6 Sun. at midnight.

8. On Aug. 7 French banks were redeeming ZIM at 1:1.

9. On Aug. 7 Indonesia denominated their Ruphia and put out lower denominations.

10. The RV window was said to be in effect sometime between the Full Moon Aug. 7 18:10 UTC to the New Moon Aug. 21 18:30 UTC.

11. On Aug. 8 there was confirmation that the Dong rate was over $2 on both front and back US bank screens.

12. On Wed. Aug. 9 Iraqi PM Abadi held a press conference and stated his country's exit of the UN's Chapter 7. Currency365 - Abadi "We Have Exited Chapter 7"

13. On Thurs. Aug. 10 the IMF announced that Iraq was Article 8 compliant.

14. By Aug. 11 both the AIIB and HSBC had given the go ahead for the US Treasury to RV.

15. By Aug. 11 the gold/asset-backed USN had been replaced the USD or fiat dollar, been activated by the US Treasury, and began to be traded on a global level.

16. By Aug. 11 all Pay Masters’ accounts were made liquid and Pay Masters had received a certificate of authority to disperse funds to their members.

17. On Aug. 11 the IMF began taking ZIM at 1:1 per the approval of Bank of China / Chinese Elders.

18. On Aug. 11 RayRen98 said that the in-country Dinar rate was 1:1. and if true, that would make Iraq Article 8 compliant.

19. In Iraq the ATM's were to be fully loaded (fils and lower denoms) on or by Aug. 20.

20. The Elders believed in certain dates. They were said to set all global financial reforms to complete worldwide by Aug. 21, 2017 - which began a rare total solar eclipse that hasn't happened since the USA, Inc. was founded on Aug. 21 1871.

21. The targeted execution date for the RV was said to be Aug. 21.

22. In Iraq the lower denoms were to be available by Aug. 21 with the 1:1 rate ratio in effect.

23. On Aug. 21 Iraqi citizens were to be paid at the 1:1 ratio.

24. In Iraq 4 million cards were being mailed to citizens with a activation target date of Aug. 21.

25. Contractors in Iraq were being told the new rates would be effective Aug. 21 and they would be able to pay their staff at the new higher Dinar rate.

26. The public international revealing of the Iraqi Dinar was supposedly scheduled for several days after Aug. 21.

27. Trump was said to supposedly be on a working vacation until Aug. 21.

28. Aug. 21 could be a very meaningful date for the announcement of our true restored Republic, our "interim" President, Paul Ryan, and "interim" VP Ben Sasse and General Joseph Dunford. The announcement should include NESARA and the Gold Standard.

29. On Aug. 4 HSBC eliminated all vacation days through Labor Day - except traders who are to report back to work on Sept. 4.

30. The RV window has been said to always be set for sometime from Trump's inauguration to the beginning of new fisical year after Sept. 30 2017.

31. This Sept. 30th fiscal deadline was important because the USA, Inc. would run out of credibility and money on Sept. 30, 2017 no matter what.


1. There were 7,420 plus redemption centers on red hot alert as of July 25 at 11 pm EDT

2. The ZIM was a bond, not a currency. It was advised to let the banker know it was a gold back bond in order to negotiate a rate higher than the screen rates.

3. For months prior London and Zurich banks have been redeeming Zim at the same 1:1.

4. The UST currently had a 1:1 rate for the ZIM and has had since 2010 because the 2008-2009 ZIM currency/bond note issue was never discontinued by the Zimbabwe Central Bank.

5. It was the western banking Cabal that would no longer accept the ZIM bond notes in 2009. However all that obviously changes now with the release of new T4 currency rates/transactions worldwide.

6. The ZIM's 1:1 par number would be the starting point for all negotiations, with higher sovereign rates available only for redeemer's sincerely looking to create jobs and/or fund humanitarian projects.

7. Anything above screen rates on all the currencies required the signing of an Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). A basic NDA was 1 and ¾ pages long. It could go as long as four pages based on a leverage or structure payout. It has been said that you could set up your payout for up to 300 years.


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