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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Nov. 20, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Nov. 20 2017 Compiled 12:10 am EDT 20 Nov. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abus...

Monday, November 20, 2017

The Awakening Process from The Team

The Team: The Awakening Process

We are here addressing you once again with our acknowledgment and encouragement. We continue to sponsor and support your awakening. The 3D environment that you enrolled in when you selected to embody is intensifying as it is in the process of decaying. The energies and patterns that have held this challenging matrix of illusion in place are being revealed.

More and more individuals are waking up and realizing who they truly are as divine creators. The process of this awakening has been slow and steady for some and for others it has been a rather intense sudden awakening. However, once an individual expands their consciousness outside the limited mental box, they cannot totally return to their unconscious state of mind. Many of you reading these words understand what we are sharing.

We celebrate your awakening however it has occurred and we encourage you to continue to expand your understanding of who you really are and your role in anchoring a new energetic matrix of life-sustaining conscious light.

In your awakening process, be mindful to support one another. Use the tools that support and anchor your expansion. Use sound frequencies, mediation, movement, and connect to the energy offered by your planet. Continue to remember to unplug from the limitations offered by the old paradigm. Everything you know is shifting, changing and morphing into a different reality.

You are in an ascension process. As divine multidimensional beings you are meant to travel, move, and shift from one dimension to another with ease. Each time you ascend to a higher frequency or dimension of consciousness and return to this earthly 3D reality, you bring expanded codes. These codes then become available to all earthwalkers.

Many awakened beings continue to work diligently in restoring the energy gridwork around this planet. Those who are doing this service often are following an inner urge or guidance to move, travel or live in a certain area. In doing so, they leave an energetic code or imprint as they move about. By their dedicated work the energy grids are being restored, allowing a new template or matrix to be activated and aligned with the Galactic Center.

Many awakened beings are also doing stellar work and service by holding a clear frequency of gratitude, love and compassion instead of fear and other misqualified emotions and energy. By holding a holistic and balanced frequency they add strength to the grid of the new template.

We acknowledge you as you read these words knowing their truth. You are here to shift, transform, shake up the old dysfunctional realities. You are here anchoring conscious light.

You are here creating a bridge or gridwork to the other dimensions. You are not meant to be trapped in this often hostile limited environment. We often observe how easily one can drop or be pulled into a lower vibration or frequency. That is the allure of this dysfunctional matrix or template. Allow yourself to imagine and practice shifting to the higher dimensions. We know that many of you have experienced this as well as realizing that you are straddling more than one dimension. Practice this skill and ability; it is yours by birthright as the galactic citizen you are.

There is no judgment regarding this, it is simply an observation that we know you recognize as well. We have often stated that emotions are contagious. As empathic beings you will often match the energy surrounding you. The important task is to know this and simply remember to use your awareness to transform what you have encountered.

In this awakening process it is important to always be gentle with yourself and remember that your physical body is catching up with your awakened spiritual expansion. You physical body is truly changing at a cellular level. This has been happening for many years and it is now accelerating.

So we remind you to listen to your body’s messages, be in partnership with the consciousness of each cell. You may have experienced or be experiencing the body’s reaction to the increase energy flow. Some of these reactions may manifest as fever, chills, vertigo, hives, heart palpitations and other symptoms that come and go.

Be responsible for the care of the physical form as it is undergoing an inner transformation. Seek professional assistance if guided to do so, also take responsibility to nurture yourself. Stay physically and energetically anchored to your earth base. Eat healthy foods, stay hydrated and spend time in quiet space. These careful suggestions and reminders allow your physical body to energetically match your expanded consciousness and your energy body.

Use your awareness as alchemist to transform the energy of the foods you ingest, the misqualified energies you encounter for the restoring and expansion of your DNA codes to the original blueprint. Your every conscious action supports your personal evolution and the anchoring of your divine creator awareness.

Remember to practice and use the tools of your imagination, your focused intentions and your ability to transform any misqualified energy with which you interface. Honor and trust yourself, your guidance and your work. Remember to stay in the moment of NOW. It is in your focused attention and presence in the NOW that you are most powerful.

You are here to transform this 3D limited reality. You are here to seed, and anchor a new life-sustaining template. You are here to create the bridge or portal to the higher dimensions. You are here carrying the frequency that quickens and stimulates others to awaken to who they truly are. You are here as skilled alchemist transforming and transmuting any limited pattern of this old matrix. You are here as professional cosmic repairer to this energy grid and matrix.

We are in awe of you and your dedicated work and service as you continue to transform this earthly 3D reality. Humanity is literally awaking in masses, calling forth all misqualified energies to be revealed. Once these negative patterns and behaviors are made public they can be transformed by conscious alchemical light, and you have been and are a powerful force in what is occurring now. We are always available to support, encourage and remind you of your magnificence.

the ‘team’.

Source: Era of Light

Original Source: Morning Messages

The Collective of Guides via Salena Migeot: More to Be Exposed

The Collective of Guides: More to Be Exposed

Beloved Ones,

We greet you with great love and profound exuberation for all the revelations that are coming to light. This is the time – the month and the year that will prove to be pivotal in the shift in consciousness that is upon you. You are being lifted up in ways that will allow you to withstand many more revelations with the understanding that it is truly in the highest good for all to be exposed. Instead of you despairing at all the depravity, back room deals, payoffs, and corruption that is being exposed, we ask you to rejoice in the exposure – it is a grand indication that things that no longer serve the greater good are being exposed in order to make way for a new, more egalitarian, more efficient, more transparent, and more values based system. This will evolve over the coming year and beyond, but will be markedly different from the ‘business as usual’ that has become the norm. The public will have no tolerance for their public servants being anything but ethical representatives of the public they serve. People will realize more and more that tolerating that which is unacceptable has made them complicit and thereby somewhat accountable for whom they elect. Even for those who did not vote for, patronize, or support the unethical newsmaker of the day, the tolerance or acceptance of their actions through looking the other way in similar situations, regardless of how seemingly distant, has made most of you complicit in the system that has supported these ones. Even for those of you who have been silenced by those more powerful than you and in a position to keep you down despite your considerable talents and abilities, to some extent you unknowingly have perpetuated the system that allows them to stay in power, regardless of their disregard for others.

We are not blaming the victims here in any way. We are saying: You are a collective of individuals that make up a much greater whole. To a large extent, what you believe in is what you support. If you believe the system is corrupt, you support that system’s status quo. So, even if you do not want to support corruption, your belief that it is so, that you are powerless to change/fix/improve it in any way, allows the system to continue unchecked. At this time, it is more important than ever that those of you who are staying silent and seemingly staying safe as a result of your silence, be willing to at least consider speaking out. That consideration, regardless of you acting on it, fuels the momentum of exposure that is currently happening. If you act on it and actually speak out, it is a much more powerful fuel. We ask that those of you who have experienced, witnessed, or in some small or large way been complicit in that which is much more recognizable now as abuse, corruption, or a misuse of power, be willing to consider speaking out to at least a close friend or confidante, but preferably to a much larger and wider audience. When you do you will energetically help others in similar situations. You will also be a powerful catalyst for the cleansing that is already happening with or without your participation. Just like a rambunctious child in a bathtub that is not aware of how little or much control and input they have in that situation depending on their choices, the cleansing can be quick and complete or very long, slow, drawn out, and perhaps accompanied by outbursts, tantrums, screams, and splashes. Each of you can be more mindful of how your choices affect the whole and accelerate the process via your intentions and input or allow it to be a long, drawn out process through your continued silence.

We are always supporting you and we can only assist to the extent that you allow us. Therefore, we ask that you enlist our help and assistance by asking us to give you the courage you need to do what you know in your heart is the right thing to do. We ask you to be specific where appropriate – meaning: if you know that a certain piece of evidence exists that would expose something that, to serve the greater good, should be exposed, we lovingly suggest you ask our assistance in creating the circumstances that would expose it. You do not have to elaborate or be specific. We will not, except in extreme circumstances, assist in exposing any victims without their consent. If those victims wish they had the courage to come forward, we can and will either assist them in speaking out or, we will co-create the circumstances that will make it easier for them to speak out i.e. assisting other victims of the same perpetrator(s) in speaking out so that the one who does not have the courage will find the courage through their fellow victims stories.

Beloveds, the current exposures are merely the tip of the iceberg. There is much, much more to be revealed. We encourage you to see it all as a very necessary cleansing process – one that will be difficult, perhaps somewhat traumatic for many to watch, listen to, or hear about, but please, please, please know and own that, again, it is necessary. Once the cleansing process is complete, you will all feel, be, and move forward feeling much better and having the clear knowing that the dirt is a thing of the past and that your new reality will be one in which cleanliness matters to all in a way that will not aid, abet, or support abuse, corruption, sexual force or coercion, or the misuse of power in any way. In all areas of life, wether it be the local recreational center or the highest offices in the land, exposures will be happening. The majority of you will be sick and tired of hearing the stories. And they will continue to come out. And on and on. Beloveds, please hold purity and innocence in your hearts and do not allow the exposures to erase those concepts from you. Think of newborn babies and their innocence and purity. Think of pristine areas in nature, or better yet visit pristine environments as a cleansing balm for your soul. Visit forests, woods, bodies of water, or even local parks as a reminder that beauty is everywhere as long as you take the time to appreciate it. There is much beauty on the other side of this process and we encourage you to look forward to that and create your desired reality through your thoughts, affirmations, and visualizations.

We are loving you powerfully, Dear Ones, in every moment with every breath.

And so it is.

The Collective of Guides.

Channel: Salena Migeot

Source: Era of Light

Emanuel via Gillian Rudy: God Within

Emanuel: God Within


Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Emanuel, here to be with you this day. Here again! Here again. Ha ha! You have no idea how glad I am about that. For here is a time I thought might never come, so may knife edges we have been on, so many wrong turns have been averted, so many times Dear Ones it has looked like a different outcome may be at hand. But not now Dear Ones, not now. Your future is assured. This planet will step into the Light of God, it will be returned to the Garden of Eden it was always meant to be and at some point this will all be forgotten. All the war, all the bloodshed, the hatred and the destruction will be a distant memory that will eventually fade and quicker than you think for when you realise that keeping the memory of war alive for the sake of the memory of those who died, in the vibration that it is done here today, is not a wise thing to do and you will naturally move toward honouring your ancestors and their contribution to your planet as it is today in a more enlightened way that does not drag the energy of wars past into the now.

Dear Ones, I am with you right now I am with you. Your future is assured. I promise you, this is now inevitable. How long it will take and over how many generations is all that is in question. No one will be left behind you are all coming on this ride home. Breathe with me now. Breathe Dear Ones, breathe with me now. Long slow inhale, long slow exhale and keep repeating this until you feel me, feel my presence tangibly with you. Be sensible about this Dear Ones, do not hyper ventilate in the name of seeking the Lord! Be sensible always. Dear Ones Always.

So often in your urgency to heal, to be free, to ascend, you forget the basics of common sense and doing what is good for you. If I ask you to breathe repeatedly and you start to feel unwell through hyper ventilation, STOP. I am your guide only. You Dear Ones are in control of your experience, you are the Master, I am your servant. I am here to guide you, to hold your hand, to walk with you, sit with you, listen to your woes, your troubles and your celebrations. And most of all to Love you.

Dear Ones truly Love you as you have never been loved before. I am here to connect you to a Love so pure, so strong, so unbreakable. The Love of God. The Pure Love of God. I am your servant to remind you of what this feels like to be loved so dearly so completely and beyond anything you have ever experienced before.

Feel it now. I give it to you freely. Take it dear Ones take it, breathe it in. Breathe it in. Receive all that you can let it flow into you let it surround you let it in to your heart. You look to me as God for that is what I AM. I am part of the Creative Source that which you would call God. I AM That I AM. But look to me as your servant Dear Ones, your friend and brother that has returned just like I promised I would, returned to Love you free, to remind you of the Love that you are.

Yes YOU ARE. The time for looking to me as Master are over. I can and I will always connect you to the Love of God and love you as God no matter what you have done in this life good bad or indifferent. I will Love you always. But Dear Ones I am not the Source of that Love. YOU are. And once you connect to this love I am poring upon you now and you start to let it in, it ignites a fire in your heart that was just a flicker of Light, it ignites that fire in your heart Dear Ones that will start to burn under its own momentum. That Love will start to generate itself from within you as you and as you connect to this fire in your heart daily Dear Ones, daily and appreciate that Love in your heart generating itself is the Love of God. It is the Love of God it is the God within you. Dear Ones the Love of God is within you.

Do you know what that means? It means you must Love yourself as God if you wish that fire to spread. You want the world to change more quickly Dear Ones? This is in your hands. You want Love to spread across this planet like wild fire then it has to start within you Dear Ones.

Do you see? You must love yourself as God does, you must see yourself through the heart and eyes of God, the Love that rages within your heart must be directed first at yourself if you have any hope of loving another as God loves your neighbour.

You make a mistake at work. What do you say to yourself? I Love you? You snap and shout at your child and their sweet face shows you how much it hurt. What do you say to yourself? I Love you? Dear Ones you can’t bring yourself to love your mother/father/ brother. What do you say to yourself? I Love you? You see a politician on TV that you hate. What you say to yourself? I Love You? Dear ones someone breaks your heart. What do you say to yourself? I love you? Someone shouts at you in the street because you accidentally bumped their car. What do you say to yourself? I Love you. A friend betrays your trust. What do you say to yourself? I Love you. You have done something terrible that you will never forget that turns your blood cold when you think about it. What do you say to yourself? I Love you. You lie to a friend. What do you say to yourself? I Love you. You have another chocolate when you are supposed to be sugar free what do you say to yourself? I LOVE YOU.

Are you getting the idea??!! God is within you. This is what that means. The fire of Love that burns within your heart I can ignite but you must set it alight so that it will spread to every person that is lucky enough to catch your loving gaze and breathe in yours delicious presence. You are beacons of Light and now I want you to be a wild fire starter. You are God, you have the Love of God within you, you can love as God does and it starts with you.

It’s easy to love an abandoned cat but can you love the one that abandoned and abused it? It’s easy to condemn those which commit terrible crimes. Can you Love them? Dear Ones this might seem like a stretch to you but if you set that fire alight in your own heart if you can Love yourself for the seemingly terrible things you have done big or small, then loving another with no conditions is easy. This is my promise to You. I AM Emanuel.

I Love You

Set the world on fire.

So Be It and So It Is.

Channel: Gillian Rudy

Source: Era of Light

You are a Sovereign Being So Start Acting Like One!

You Are a Sovereign Being – Start Acting Like One!

November 9th, 2017

By Jeff Street

Guest writer for Wake Up World

There is a growing awareness and indignation about the injustice and inequality running rampant in our world, and growing interest in creating the better world that we all know can exist. One of the key changes that needs to happen to enable the transformation of our humanity is to reclaim our personal power to think for ourselves, to discern truth from disinformation, and to stand firm for what we know is right.

The Source that created us endowed us with free-will and the power to create with our own thoughts, words, and deeds. Yet many of us are squandering these endowments, squandering them so badly that the probable future of humanity is not looking very bright. Humanity is at a critical junction in its history — one road leads to a very bleak future, and the other has the potential to be a new golden age. The outcome depends on us, each one of us, starting right now and it starts by freeing your mind! The key to reclaiming our freedom and creating a better world is for each of us to reclaim our sovereignty.

What is Sovereignty?

The word “Sovereign” refers to the power or right that a nation/state or individual has to determine its own destiny — to not be controlled by others. The ability to determine one’s own destiny has been termed SELF-DETERMINATION and it is one aspect of the timeless ideal called FREEDOM. Self-determination and freedom are said to be intrinsic rights bestowed on us by Source/God. The American founding fathers firmly thought so and called these “inalienable” rights. Personal sovereignty refers to the intrinsic right of an INDIVIDUAL to self-determination.

But having the right of sovereignty is not the same as BEING sovereign. One must assert a right through one’s thoughts and actions, or the right is essentially lost. Ultimately your sovereignty has to be demonstrated. The classic saying “Freedom is not free” echoes this idea — rights must be claimed by the constant application of attention, thought, and engagement.

An important part of being truly free is the responsibility to be highly discerning about the ideas, beliefs, and attitudes that we choose to accept from our society. In fact, we must be independent minded and confident enough to form our own ideas, beliefs, and attitudes — despite the pressure that society puts on us to conform. We must not just blindly accept everything our government, religions, teachers, and so called “experts” want us to believe. Doing so gives away our power and allows the “powers that be” to create a world that serves their agenda — a world that might not be in our best interest.

“Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken by man. Do not believe in anything simply because it is written in books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because the have been handed down for many generations. Only after careful contemplation, if you find that it rings true with your heart and is conducive to the good of all, then embrace it.”

Why Personal Sovereignty is Important

If we don’t start forming our own beliefs, trusting our inner knowledge, and standing for what we know in our hearts is right, the future of our world will be defined and created by a very few with a very self-serving agenda. In this world that worships the almighty dollar commercial interests are steering the ship. We have allowed them to hijack our government, our religions, our media, and our beliefs and attitudes — materialism, consumerism, separatism, and fear serve their interests.

Giving Away Our Power

But the “powers that be” only steer the ship because we’ve bought into all the beliefs and attitudes and have let ourselves become apathetic and disengaged. So let’s not point fingers and blame those that we perceive are manipulating us. Realize the we are ALLOWING ourselves to be manipulated, allowing ourselves to be taken to a future not of our design. We are fully responsible for everything about our lives including what we let happen to us, and we are letting a lot happen to us. Don’t fall into the “victim mentality” trap and get caught up in the blame and complain game — that only gives away your power.

“As long as the general public is passive, apathetic, and distracted by consumerism or hatred, then the powerful can do as they please, and those who survive will be left to contemplate the outcome.” ~ Noam Chomsky

Far too many of us are just are letting our beliefs and values be determined by others. Far too many of us are just going along with what we are told, following what our government, church, teachers, or idols have told us to believe, or do, or be, explicitly or implicitly.

Far too many of us are deferring to the opinions and ideas of the “AUTHORITIES“. This gives away our power and allows others to control us. And often times the “authorities”, or those that control/influence them, have hidden agendas that are not in our best interest.

“Mass beliefs in the power of outside authorities are firmly entrenched in your psyche … raising many questions about the truth of who you are and why you place your trust outside yourself.” ~ Barbara Marciniak, Path of Empowerment

To reclaim our power we need to start forming OUR OWN beliefs, trust our inner truth, and do what WE KNOW is right, not what others tell us, or society expects. We need to engage our hearts and minds and stand firm in what we know is true and right. If we don’t do this soon, we might find ourselves living in a dystopian future like the ones explored in numerous fiction novels.

The Erosion of Freedom in The Age of Distraction, Obsession, and Fear

In this era dominated by consumerism, materialism, and the pursuit of the almighty dollar many of us are so busy and distracted by chasing the money, and the possessions, and the thrills that we are failing to see that we are gradually giving away more and more of our power and freedom. This slow erosion is going on all around us, subtly and not so subtly, on many levels.

Our obsession with the accumulation of possessions — materialism and consumerism — keeps us distracted from what really matters. Our fixation on all the dangerous, bad, fearful things happening in the world keeps us distracted from what’s important. All the wars including the “war on terrorism” and the “war on drugs” keep us mesmerized in fear.

“Your power ends where your fear begins.” ~ Barbara Marciniak, Path of Empowerment

And who does this all serve? It serves shadowy commercial and political interests and the military-industrial complex and keeps them in the power and in the money. For them it’s all about the money, nothing else seems to matter, no higher purpose than to serve themselves. And they are masters of manipulation and are capitalizing on our weaknesses and our fears. Isn’t it obvious? Haven’t we had enough of this?

Reclaiming Our Power

It’s our divine right and responsibility to own our beliefs, ideas, principles, and values. It’s time we reclaim our confidence in our inner knowledge and have the courage to stand for truth and justice despite what our institutions, the media, and others may be telling us. We need to stop blaming the system and wake-up from our laziness, distractions, and dependencies to reclaim our power so we can create a better world!

It’s time to remember who you really are, not who others or society says you are or can be. It is time to stand in your own personal truths, not what others have told you is true. It is time to form your own beliefs, rather than just adopt what others believe. It is time to stand for what you know in your heart is right, rather than what society tells you is right, even if it means standing alone.

You are a slice of the powerful infinite being that we call the Universe, the source of “All That Is”. Stand in that power confidently! BE TRUE TO YOURSELF and STOP being a FOLLOWER!

You don’t need teachers, experts, professors, gurus, priests, pastors, church leaders, or heroes/idols to tell you what to believe, or what the truth is, or to show you how to connect with God. You don’t need THEIR beliefs, ideologies, or specific practices that they swear are the one and only way to reach the truth.

“We don’t need no education, we don’t need no thought control…” ~ Pink Floyd, Another Brick In The Wall

It is all within you, all the knowledge of the universe is deep within you. You are connected to all of it, to Source or God or whatever you choose to call it, just go within and become quiet and trust what you find, what you feel, what you know.

Awaken to the divine intelligence within.

A bright future for humanity is still very much possible, but we’re going to have wake up out of our haze of consumption, distraction, laziness, apathy, and fear and start paying attention and getting engaged. Even though all our experiences expand Source’s understanding of itself and the nature of its existence and, therefore, are all valuable, surely we’ve had enough of the many less-than-desirable themes repeating in our experiences. Surely we’ve had enough of wage and debt slavery, of going to a job every day that we hate or bores us to tears, of all the competition and conflict, of all the pain and suffering — have we not? I think it is safe to say that our Source would encourage us choose a higher and grander vision of what we could be. I think it’s safe to say that our Source would prefer the experience of joy, abundance, and freedom — for all.

Let’s make it happen!

Source: Wakeup World

Mother Sekhmet via Elaine DeGiorgio: Working With Your Chakras

Mother Sekhmet: Working With Your Chakras

As I connect with my Higher Self in the Sacred I AM Presence and my Main Guide Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I have the following message for you…

I Mother Sekhmet, come forth anchoring the Divine Light of the God Star Sirius and the Divine Energy of the Orion that is coming forth once more aligning the Divine Energy upon the Pyramids upon your Earth.

I come forth to speak of the Golden Age of Light for we are stepping forth and preparing the Cosmic Forces of Light once more.

Eons and Eons hath past and we have been at this point before, reflect on the Ages past for we have all come forth once more to unite and reunite as one.

Timeline Shifts are upon you all at this time connecting and reconnecting you once more to the Ancient Times and releasing that energy that no longer serves you in this now. As you connect with your past lives your Ancestral Lineages and your Cellular Memory you will connect with whom you are and what you are here to do on this your Mother Earth in which the 144,000 Elohim, Angelic Beings, Lightworkers, Starseeds, and Wayshowers have come forth once more to bring forth that light and that love and that healing to bring your Earth into the New Golden Age of Light.

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Light… Indeed much is happening at this time. It is now time for our Brotherhood to awaken and work in the energy in which they are called to do.
The Sisterhood have done great work in this year cycle of your Earth, anchoring the Divine Feminine Energy and now are very much awakened and working in the Sacred Diamond Light Energy and the Cosmic Codes that have been handed down to them.

I, Mother Sekhmet in many of my Goddess Aspects have come to activate the Sisterhood once more as we have come to complete the work that has been set out to do under the Order of Melchizedek and to facilitate the Ancient Sekhem Energy and Diamond Light upon to your earth.

I now connect with the Sacred Chakras and Gateways and Portals upon your Earth. I bring to you following updates from the Galactical Federation of Light and the Etheric Council (Council of Four and Twenty Elders)

First Contact is fully underway and has been since Cosmic Shift in 2012 upon your Earth major progress has been achieved with Lightworkers awakening as intended.

Major work is being achieved at this time with the waterways upon your Earth. Our beloved Cetaceans from Sirius B have been working divinely activating the gridlines that lie underneath the oceans. There Golden Higher Aspects from Sirius B have fully aligned bring forth the love and healing energy with many of them in this now assisting many Lightworkers with Transmission. They are working with the Stargates and Portals connected with the waterways. Those Lightworkers that have been assigned with this area of work will have been connecting with their energies.

Dear Ones, Now is the time! I now speak of the Earth Chakra of your Earth and as I connect with this I connect now with Mount Shasta and with the United States of America. Major shifts have happened with this beautiful country and much more is about to unfold. Much work has been done with balancing the energy of Inner Earth and Agartha. This is to build upon the foundation in preparing the Shift of Gaia Mother Earth into the new Golden Age of Light.

This is by which many contacts will be made, and many have been made since the 1st Contact and I mean that many of our Lightships and Portals of Light have indeed landed and have been activated.

Teleportation Gateways have indeed been activated and guarded at this time but this to create a stronger link between the Dimensions of Light and with the other Planets and Star systems. This has been done in order to create a better sphere of Cosmic Energy coming forth to the Earth.

I know connect with Peru upon your Earth much work is being carried out at this time for there we work with the Kundalini of your Earth for the Fiery Serpent rises once more bringing forth balance and harmony for here lies the Sacral Chakra upon your Earth within the waters of a Great Lake. Balance upon your Earth is being worked upon at this time.

I know connect with the Solar Plexus upon your Earth and in doing this I connect with the energy of the Tribes for the Tribes that walked your Earth connecting Father Sky to Mother Earth was very significant for it is there we bring forth the Cosmic Energy of the Ancients… of the former Root Races… and the Ancestors…. The Old Lemuria brings forth the New Lemuria …. I connect now with the Australia for she is awakening once more bringing forth the love and the healing that is needed of the former Root Race. We draw upon this from the Ancient Tribes, that came forth to the earth from our Star nations and they gave much light to your Earth… And with this Energy of Light comes forth the birthing of the human physical race in the Root Race of Lemuria for this is of which the umbilical chord comes forth…. Australia is working her magic in this now and the many Cetaceans are working in this area of your Earth with the Divine Diamond Light Codes assisting Gaia Earth to release now the Energy of the past and to bring her into the New… Assisting in bringing forth the New Lemuria.

I know bring you to the Heart Chakra upon your Earth and this is the heart of the Avalon Energy. This has been activated once more. The Heart of Glastonbury and the surrounding area within the UK. The UK struggles greatly with the density at this time and this is because it is here that carries the burden and the heartache of much of your Earth at this time for there are many Souls that are suffering, many Souls that are in need of healing. And it is from the Heart your Earth will feel much of the pain. The Avalon Energy has activated once more and we connect you all now with the Rose and the Grail The Masculine and the Feminine for they are indeed rising once more, bringing forth Love Healing and Balance. But with this it also connects you dear children with the Royal Bloodline, the Blood that hath been shed in sacrifice over Eons… a symbol of Divine Service…for in this sacrifice… demonstrates exactly what you too have also done dear ones, as you have all come forth to the Earth once more to give Service, to be of Service.

I now connect with the Pyramids of Giza for hence this is the Throat Chakra upon your Earth and in this I connect with the Energy of Mercury at this time for this Planet is working wonders bringing forth the Energy of Communication upon your Earth. From whence we came forth from Atlantis we commenced this current Root Race in Egypt and from this brought forth the Divine Cosmic Knowledge and this dear children is now activating within your hearts within your being, The Great Gateway from here to the Cosmos and the God Star Sirius and this has now activated to ensure that Cosmic Knowledge and Truths unfold.

The Great Aeon comes forth as we connect now with the Great Age of Aquarius and the energy coming for upon your Earth for the Third Eye Chakra does not remain in one place but relocates to where we want it to be in this now we have situated this in Stonehenge at this time to assist with the anchoring of the Avalon Energy for there are many shifts unfolding. With this we are connecting with the Ancient Traditions for the ripples of Water come forth to cleanse and the air sweeps forth and the Fire that burns and the Earth is blessed once more for in this now the Great Aeon has shifted the Third Eye Chakra to align with the Heart… for it is from the Heart in which we ask you to work and with the Third Eye we grant you great vision.

And now finally Tibet beloved Tibet… from hence we anchor the love and the Cosmic Energy into the Earth. This is the Crown from which we connect with you all but we have also connected this to Peru in recent months for the flow of the energy upon your Earth has been renewed. We work our energy through connecting the Diamond Frequency of Lord Melchezidek and all chords of Creation coming forth in Divine Harmony. From Mount Kailas upon your Earth we harmonise the Omniversal Energies that come forth.

With the great shifts taking place upon your Earth – you have seen a wave of natural disasters. We have worked with the Chakras of your Earth to bring forth a sense of calm and peace. There is much more coming forth with the energy upon your Earth, as you embrace the new.

We delight in the progress you are making with your Ascension. Many Planetary Alignments have taken place thus moving you forward into a new paradigm of consciousness.

Focus dear ones is upon the Universal Energy as the Cosmic Consciousness brings forth waves of abundance and prosperity.

Divine Love is the key to the connection to the greater cosmos of intelligence. In coming to Service of the Heart you have made your choice to do the work of healing, transforming, evolving, and ascending to realize your true higher consciousness within incarnate being. We ask you to continue to embrace the cosmic healing energies, and use your consciousness to resonate with your true being and to unite with the Source, in order to flow with the evolution to a new Divine humanity upon your Earth.

I AM Mother Sekhmet and I speak through Elaine this day.

Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio

Source: Era of Light

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council: You Are the Changemakers

You Are the Changemakers ∞ The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

NOV 20 2017

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have listened and you have received, and you have opened yourselves up to so much information, and many of you are waiting and wondering, because so much has been spoken and written about, and yet very little has changed on planet Earth. There have been promises that have been made about changes, and new systems of government, new economies, and a complete lack of borders.

And you listen, and you read, and you wait. We suggest that you don’t wait any longer for the changes to occur. Instead, we invite you to usher in those changes yourselves by creating for yourselves that which you want to experience. We are not suggesting that you all drop out of society altogether, but what we are suggesting is that you begin to live as though the changes have already taken place.

Stop giving your attention to leaders in government, politicians. Stop pretending that they have control and power over you. Do not believe for a second that all you need to do is vote the right people in. The changes begin with you. You are the changemakers. You are the ones who believe us when we talk about a new Earth, when we talk about peace, harmony, and equality. You know that everyone on planet Earth can be properly fed, clothed, and housed, easily.

When you let go of your resistance to the way things have been and the way things are, and you do more than just believe, that’s when you will see the changes occurring. And that’s when you will become the powerful versions of yourselves that you always knew you would be in this lifetime. Take back your power. Empower yourselves, and start making the changes happen from within yourselves and from within your communities.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Source: Rainbow Wave of Light

Heavenletters: From Where Cometh Godwriting? I

From Where Cometh Godwriting? I | Heavenletters

NOV 20 2017

God said:

There is nothing for you to learn about Godwriting except to let Godwriting be what it is. GodWriting is from Me. Godwriting isn’t yours. It just isn’t.

What I whisper is Mine. It is not your Godwriting you write down. No. My Words are yours to accept as you hear them so faintly or clearly or hardly at all. Your place in Godwriting is to receive a sense of My Words arriving at the speed of light or at whatever rate of speed they arrive so you can be amazed or not amazed at all. The Words you write down are the Echoes of Mine that you hear.

Every single person in the world is a potential Godwriter, you understand, yet not one is the God Who Speaks. We can say that My Words come from the Light, or that My Words come out from the Ether of the Universe or from your DNA. The point is: “Beloveds, hear Me.”

You are not the conductor of Godwriting. Nor are you someone who weighs the worth of My Words as if you are the purveyor of them.

You do not Godwrite in order to express God as you perceive from your long held beliefs or disbeliefs about God or your religion or in any conscious way. You stay out of the Godwriting. You do not factor into it. We can call you a vessel for Truth and not for your opinions. There is deeper within you far greater than your mere opinions. No offense, Dear Ones, no one on Earth is longing for your opinions. Hmm, at the same time, I invoke you to write down, not what you may think, but what you hear.

The Godwriting that comes through you is not yours. Godwriting comes from somewhere beyond you even when My Words come from within you, or somewhere from your past, the world’s past, or from Heaven Itself, or from your Higher Self, or from whatever name you say.

From where come the words you apply to this Fullness that wants to come out from you from somewhere within you so that you may see this Fullness and witness it and have it serve the world as an unknown part in the simple Miracle of Life on Earth!

If a miracle happens every day, is it not still a miracle? I say YES. Every day is miracle-filled. There is no day that is not a miracle.

As you continue to Godwrite, what can happen is that you become imbued in a miracle, so soaked in the miracle, so immersed in it that you take your Presence as a matter of course. In My Book, this is the way to go – to take Godwriting as a matter of course. Godwriting is an ordinary event that has been forgotten, or has been repressed.

You don’t make too much of your participation in the process. You just happen to be here. It will dawn upon you that you can be here recording My Words any time you want, for I am here with you day and night. In the Terms We use now, you aren’t the Star of Life exactly – you are a wayfarer along the way. You are here with Me, within Me, and yet, at the same time, while you are Godwriting, you are nowhere to be seen.

Now I quote from Myself from another Heavenletter as a reminder to you:

* “An artist who is painting paints. At the moment, he is not thinking: ‘I am an artist painting.’ He is lost and found in his painting.”

And from this reference point We will continue this Heavenletter tomorrow.

* See Heavenletter #5651 Finding Yourself in Unity Consciousness

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Source: Rainbow Wave of Light


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